Monday, February 4, 2013

ZK Listbox add a new item

Today we will see how can we add a new item when user click on a button for this you can follow this example... ZUL file code for this And Java class or viewmodel for this... for any issue please leave a comment.


  1. Background and textcolour...come on!

  2. Thank you so much as this saves me a lot of time. The most important thing to notice here is: @Command and @NotifyChange("dataList")

  3. Hi Subodh,

    Thank for nice article. I want to implements same functionality in zk 6.0.0 version using because template tag not working in
    older version

    1. Hi Vishal,
      As I remember,This example in ZK6+ only it's long now when I was working on ZK apart from this what issue you are facing?

    2. Actually I want to implement same type of functionality.
      But when i use the same code that time i got Exception regarding the TEMAPLTE tag i can't use this tag in 6.0.0 version.
      If you have any same type of example using foreach loop using listitem it will help me to understand.
      or ZK link

      Thanks and Regards,

    3. Please see this exception

      org.zkoss.zk.ui.metainfo.DefinitionNotFoundException: Component definition not found: template in [LanguageDefinition: xul/html]

    4. This issue may be due to version of ZK you are using not support the feature it may be CE version you are using .Please have a look this

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