Friday, January 18, 2013

ZK Framework Notify Programmatically

Today i was working on Listbox Reordering Component so i customized my class so that ZUL will take model for listbox and other variables from another class rather than Direct from View Model So My Listbox will be something like this... Here you can check i am not directly accessing variables from Viewmodel rather than i am calling varaibles from another class called and code for this... Now You Know My ViewModel class is but i am accessing variables from another class in ZUL pages(from this class ListboxViewModel .java) and in ViewModel i created a object of class with get and set method. Now i will want to Notify the variables define in .So what i have to do ...I have to call this method.. Or You can do like this.. As you all know In NotifyChange we can Notify more than one variables or all variables , something like this But postNotifyChange method have no such feature may be in future ZK team will think add this feature also. For more information you can browse ZK Official blog

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