Thursday, April 4, 2013

How Can Start with ZK Chosenbox(Demo code)?

As i was working on ZK ChosenBox Component . i Got plenty of issue which can be resolve with the help of @Bai-Ben zk teamdevelopers ... Why we are zk ChosenBox?
Previously i am using Zk Combobox component for showing list of items but i will want to give flexibility to user to select more than one item so i just got that ZK have a new component Zk Chosenbox which can full fill my requirements .. How Can we implement the ZK Chosenbox...
Here is the ZUL file
And here is the Java code..

You can check this example ZK Fiddle example for Chosenbox in ZK fiddle as well but Note you need Zk version 6.5.2


  1. Thank you joshi. Can we do without tostring method in java bean

    1. What is the issue to of toString() method in implementation?

  2. Hey, I have 6.5.2 zk.
    it is giving "Component definition not found: chosenbox in [LanguageDefinition: xul/html]" error.
    Can u help me ?

    1. If you are using ZK CE version this component is not available You have to use ZK EE version.