Wednesday, May 1, 2013

How to enable or disable Zscript in ZK Framework.

As in production server we do not want to use Zscript ,so ZK already given flexibility to disable to enable the zscript feature of ZK.What you have to do just make below entry in zk.xml file.


  1. phir zscript zk ne kyn banaya.

    1. See this ..
      Zscript allows you to embed Java code in ZUML pages. It speeds up the design cycle, so this can be a good approach for prototyping, POC and testing. Zscript is also good for exploiting ZK features and reporting bugs to ZK. However, like any other interpreters, the performance is not very good as it tends to be error-prone. For this reason, it is not suggested to use zscript for production systems. For refrence you can check Zk Guidelines