Thursday, June 27, 2013

Integration of Rapid Spell Checker with ZK Framework

Today i am going to share how we can integrate Rapid Spell Checker with ZK Framework. As we all know ZK does not provide any default spell checker so we have to use some third party toll to fulfill this requirement.
As i read Rapid Spell Checker website they already mentioned its very easy to integrate this spell checker with JSP,JSF,Struts etc. so i thought why should not we can try to integrate it with ZK Framework ,it should work because if its working with JSF which is something similar with ZK Framework.
When i started their way to implement this in my ZK Web application i found some issue with IE browser but thanks to team member they helped me to resolve the issue.

What all you need to work with this tool please follow below...

1-Download Rapid Spell Checker evaluation version from here

2-Now extract the downloaded file and copy RapidSpellWeb.jar into your web project lib directory

3-Now download the dictionaries from here these dictionaries is nothing but a jar file copy all dictionaries jar file into your project lib directory.

4- Use below code to test this .

5-Also you have to create(under WebContent directory ) a folder userdictionaries and a file 1.txt inside this folder. This file will add all the words which not present in the your default dictionary.

If someone have more better option please share with me.

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